28 April 2008

Home Life

I'm currently sharing my home with one-half of my total lifetime output of offspring. That makes for two, count them, two kids at home. I have with me the youngest girl and the youngest boy. Technically the youngest boy is actually the second born, but you get the idea. The youngest girl is known as The Funny One and the youngest boy is known as The Grumpy One (except when he's grumpy, then he's known as Dark Cloud).

Really only The Funny One has any right to be here, as technically I can't ask her to move on 'til she's legally an adult. I hate all these rules. The Grumpy one has been away and moved home a few months past. He is set to move on again in another six weeks, so we (The Funny One and I) are making Xs on calendars and planning a multi-day celebration.

The only other resident is The Puppy. She is the sun and we revolve around her. The one thing in the world The Grumpy One, The Funny One and I agree on is that The Puppy is the best thing ever.

Other offspring: the oldest boy is The Skinny One and the oldest girl is The Good One. They don't live at home, so I tend to like them better.


amy d said...

This is hilarious! I can tell that I will like you very much.

I only have the one child, so he is just “The One”, sort of all encompassing (the bad one, the good one, etc).

lizardrinking said...

What she said, except I don't have children, so I call it the No one. Works for me ;)