09 July 2008

Round is a Shape

A few weeks ago I noticed that I was getting dangerously close to the thin line that separates Rubenesque from just plain round.

Like many women I know, I’ve spent much of my life worrying about my weight. For many years I was obsessed with numbers; ‘how much do I weigh?’, ‘how much had I lost?’ A later phase would include ignoring actual numbers and finding happiness in wearing my skinny jeans and gloom when wearing the fat ones. For the last handful of years I’ve focused most intently on my level of fitness; how far and fast can I walk or swim?

So, for today, I’m a fairly fit round person who’s trying to lose some weight. Not crazy weight, just eight to ten pounds. Losing that much will make me a very comfortable size eight, which at my height of 5’3” still leaves me technically overweight. I can live with that, having previously suffered through the pain of being a size six.

In the past I’ve been a size six and I admit to looking pretty darn good at that size. The only drawback is that to maintain a size six I can’t eat more than twelve hundred calories a day. My body goes into super-famine-defense mode and my metabolism slooooooows. A typical daily meal plan for maintaining a size six is like this: a yogurt for breakfast, lots of black coffee thru the morning, air for lunch, more black coffee thru the afternoon and a green bean for dinner. Skip dessert. Eff that.


anglophile said...

*sigh* For a size 8 to be considered overweight confuses and annoys me. I haven't been a single-digit size since I was 13, and for me to ever see one again would probably mean I had some sort of flesh-eating disease. I'd be shouting from the mountaintops if I were wearing size 10 jeans, but, let's face it, I'm not willing to do the work to get there. Good luck, but don't stress over it too much!

zombieBlanco said...

thanks glo'

I'm not really stressing at all. It would just be convenient to lose a few pounds because most of my 'good' summer clothes are a size eight.

If I was the 'ideal' weight in most charts, my friends would stage an intervention!