02 May 2008


Today I went on my monthly art walk in Eureka. Usually I start off at my mile long loop of galleries at my favorite coffee shop, but today I thought I'd start at the top of Old Town and grab a couple of pics.

The Carson Mansion: currently a members-only men's club.

This house was built for the daughter of Carson: I call it the mother-in-law-unit. It is directly across the street from the Carson Mansion (they face each other) and it is fun to spin from one direction to another and see both.

The Morris Graves Museum of Art is a lovingly restored Carnegie Library. It is extremely beautiful inside and shows a rotating collection from the Humboldt Arts Council and also special shows from outside the area. The main gallery this month is a local juried show that happens annually, which is nice because you get to see the best of a lot of different local artists. I think you have to be invited to even enter something.


The sign for my all time favorite gallery: Accident.

Today I was really excited to pick up a painting that I purchased from last month's show. So excited that I locked my keys in the truck as I went in to get the painting and see the new show. Lucky for me it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed every step of the thirteen blocks to The Skinny One's work, where I borrowed his car to go home and get my spare keys.

After a wonderful couple of hours hitting the galleries and talking with some of my favorite artists and gallery owners, I met The Grumpy One and The Recluse BeatMeister at the local brewery for some bar food and a pint.



lizardrinking said...

Hey zombie - not fantasy, but rose, park rose here. Sounded like you had a fabulous day. Nice entry.

Anonymous said...

Zombie, Looks like a wonderful outing we had! Loved the finishing touch-a beer,sure looked refreshing. Thanks for letting me come along for the ride. fantasy~