26 May 2008

Memorial Day

Today The Puppy and I went out to Patrick's Point State Park and wandered about for a bit. The park is one of my favorites and I enjoy the spruce trees, which differ from our usual redwoods and fir.
Around the headlands we heard many sea lions and walked through a field of clover.

The azaleas were blooming,

as were the rhododendrons.

In both pink

and the much more rare yellow.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pic's zombie.
I like the color in them.
I like to go out for walks like that too...their good for clearing the head and the scenary is sometimes a inviting for one.
Thanks for sharing those.

anglophile said...

Looks just lovely. Wish I had been there with you and the puppy--that's the way I like to spend my holiday. :)