06 May 2008


My new SwimBuddy has a good, nay, great attitude. She quietly observes, practices hard and asks for help when she needs it.

This morning as we were finishing several thousand (okay hundred) yards worth of breaststroke, she commented on how difficult a stroke it was for her to swim. Jokingly, I replied that I felt her pain, because I have the worst breaststroke kick in the world (actually true). Then she told me that she had never swum anything but front crawl before swimming with me (we've been swimming together for three weeks now). Dumbstruck, I asked if she'd at least learned the basic technique in swim class the previous semester. She said no, that she had been watching what I did and trying her best. Poor kid, she'd been watching the worst kick in the pool and trying to improve herself!

She's a great SwimBuddy because 1) she lets me be bossy 2) she's always interested in learning more 3) she still swims slower than I do.


lizardrinking said...

I swim a kilometre most days, ZB - so keep the swim stories coming, I love them (I should remember what that is in metric...it's just I have to look it up all the time: 1.6k to a mile, so I guess it's not a mile!).

Anonymous said...

I myself run or did run. A long time ago I told lizadrinking that I so totally relate to swimming. It also makes you feel so alive!

Right now I am leaning towards swimming. Looks like I may not be able to run again. I wish I had a swim buddy! You are so lucky. Love your blog! fantasy~jane