11 May 2008

More Puppy

We recently held an emergency household meeting to discuss what we should do when The Puppy's "real" owner returns from vacation. The following are options presented at the meeting:

Me: take The Puppy and flee to Canada.
The Grumpy One: just say no.
The Funny One: Pretend that her illness is very serious and she needs The Puppy to recover.
My Sister*: Give The Puppy back.

*It is important to note that my sister does not live with us, that she attended this meeting telephonically, that she has never met The Puppy, and that she is burdened with an overdeveloped sense of what's right and wrong. We voted behind her back to consider her option as moo.


anglophile said...

How long has The Puppy (OMG SHE IS SO CUTE) been with you? One of my friends once told a person not to bother stopping by from the airport as his kitty had run away. That was 13 years ago and the kitty is still with her.

Anonymous said...

"I just LOVE the PUPPY!" ♥

Can I vote?
I like to think option "funny one" is best. She may go blind and need him???? No, you don't think so? hhhmmmm? How much do the owners love puppy? They may PAY you to take him! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Grumpy one...just say no, but you gott'a slam the door in their face afterwards and then flee to Canada.

zombieBlanco said...

Puppy Update-
She has been with us since the beginning of March. I love glo's story. I think Crash has the right idea. Her 'owner' has been home for about ten days, but doesn't have a stable living situation and doesn't want to take her back while Funny One is sick. We love her so much. (Puppy, ohhh Funny One too)